Why You Should Go for Hiring a Confinement Lady?


Most of the parents who had a confinement lady before does not have any negative things to say about it but instead only the benefits they felt. For sure, having a confinement nanny around you allows you to have great benefits like not getting into the hassle of daily dropping and picking up your child from the daycare center. Also, you never need to ask someone to look after your kid when you are at work. This is even helpful during the postnatal care of the mother too.

Apart from this, hiring a confinement nanny has a lot of benefits to offer.

1.    Allows You and Your Partner Privacy:

Hiring a daytime confinement lady allows you and your partner to have some private time with each other. She completes all the duties of your kid so you can have time, and afterward, your kid can have time with you and can sleep peacefully.

2.    Helps in Taking Care of Baby:

This is the main job of a confinement nanny that she can take proper care of your little munchkin. The duties of the confinement lady include washing and cleaning the baby, putting the baby to bed, and the most important duty is to feed the baby.

For sure, you do not want to put your newborn baby into the hands of someone who you do not trust or the one who is not qualified enough. Following this, you should get recommendations and suggestions from your relatives and friends for the lady to help your kid at home.

3.    Help in Taking Care of Mother:

Confinement ladies are just not limited to help in taking care of babies, but they also help in taking mother’s care. After giving birth to baby, you need time to heal, and postnatal care for mother is something for this. This is the point where the confinement nanny helps allow the mother to regain her energy. In fact, confinement ladies can even cook special dishes for mothers which can help to nourish back their body.

4.    Opportunity to Rest for Mothers:

Giving your baby in the hands of a trusted confinement lady means that the mother has enough time to rest and take care of herself. After giving birth, your body needs time to rest and recover. So a confinement lady can help to take after your baby, and you can regain your strength in the meantime.

5.    Help in Household Chores:

Yes, the main job of a confinement nurse is to just look after your newborn baby, but they also offer additional help. Most of the confinement ladies are more than happy to perform your household chores because they understand that you need some extra help during this confinement period. However, make sure to ask them if they are willing to help before making any assumptions to avoid any dispute.

6.     Able to Cook Food:

Confinement nannies are mostly trained in cooking food and special dishes for the mother to help them regain their strength. If you have older kids with you and your nanny is helpful enough,  she can even cook meals for you and your kids too.

7.    Give Attention and Support:

Being a mother of a newborn baby one will get lonely sometimes, and you need to someone to talk to. In this situation, the confinement lady also helps in reducing post-partum depression by being the person you can talk to openly. Whenever you are feeling lonely, you can talk to the confinement lady and discuss whatever you want to. Most of them are kind-hearted and are always willing to help you.

Final Words:

A confinement lady is a great help for you to deal with a newborn baby and at the same time recuperating after childbirth. They are kind-hearted ladies as they are experienced in taking care of kids. Due to their kind heart, they are willing to listen to the depressing, lonely mothers and help them with their household work. However, one important thing is to make sure to hire the correct and right confinement lady for yourself and your newborn.

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