Top 6 Reasons to Choose a Confinement Centre in Petaling Jaya

Confinement centres have gained popularity in Malaysia due to the convenience, comfort, and care they provide to mothers after delivery. Entering into motherhood is not easy for women; they need to learn how to take care of the baby and gain knowledge regarding parenthood. This can result in stress and hassle for new mothers, and they require the help of someone experienced to prepare for their lifelong journey of motherhood. The best confinement centre offers support and excellent facilities for mothers to help them get ready for this endeavour.

Here are the top 6 reasons to select a confinement centre in PJ for postnatal care:

Disregards the Confinement Myths

Many traditional mothers and mother in laws still follow some confinement myths. They make the new mothers adhere to these myths strictly. These myths include avoiding plain water, stop using air condition, do not shower or take a bath, and many more. Making new mothers stick to these myths can lead to disagreements and restrictions on various activities and cause a strain in relationships.

As the leading confinement centre in PJ, Malaysia, our practices and standard procedures are based on scientific research as we believe in supporting new mothers in rejuvenating themselves. By not restraining them from following their instinct, they can embrace and prepare for motherhood with complete positivity.

Convenient and Comfortable

Confinement centres offer a homely environment and professional services to support new mothers. They take the stress off the mothers and tend to their babies. With healthy activities, experienced staff, and freshly cooked meals, everything is available on time. Hence, the mothers can stay comfortably, look after their own wellbeing, and spend quality time with their babies.

Top-Notch Confinement Care

The foremost reason to choose confinement centres is the care and support they provide to new mothers. Confinement centres offer accommodation, all-time meals, baby care, postnatal care, and various other services that the mother or the baby may need. However, these services can vary as per the policies, packages, or pricing of the centres. You can select the packages that befit your requirement and works out best for you and your family.

Provides Confinement Care Products

The best confinement centre provides everything for both the mother and the new-born. Diapers, wipes, clothing, meals, baby products, room cleaning services, and many more stuff and services are available. The mothers can walk-in the confinement centre with just a small bag of belongings and get all the necessary things from there. Some confinement centres allow an extra person or fathers to stay with the mother and the baby or let them visit whenever they please. However, you need to check with the centre as each one of them have a different policy.

A Safe Environment

The confinement centre in PJ has staff available 24/7 for mothers and babies. The nursery area with babies’ cots has a surveillance camera installed, through which the mothers can observe their babies and keep an eye on them with the help of electronic devices. Due to this, the mothers can rest and do not stress about their babies while the nurses take care of the new-borns. Moreover, confinement centres employ security guards and security team to create a safe and protective environment for the inhabitants.

Experienced and Trained Staff

The best confinement centre has a well-trained and experienced staff that takes care of both the mother and newborns and teaches mothers how to tend to babies. The qualified staff supports the mothers in breastfeeding babies and assists them in various other activities. Some of the confinement centres also held sessions for new mothers to educate them and provide relevant parenthood knowledge. Mothers can learn many things about baby care, and the professionals in confinement centres are there to help them. The staff at the confinement centre offers to help mothers and provides advice whenever required.

Zinnia Fields stands as the best confinement centre in Malaysia. We offer 24/7 care and support to new mothers and babies. We aim to provide personalised attention and comfort to our guests and work for their wellness and recovery.

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