Best Confinement Center for Your Newborn

Best Confinement Center for Your Newborn

Expecting a baby is the happiest and most exciting journey; at the same time, it leaves the parents anxious about the responsibilities that come along. Are you also confused and clueless about how to take the best care of your baby? Worry no more; we have the best confinement center services that you are looking for your little bundle of happiness.

What is Postnatal Care?

Postnatal care is defined as the care given to the baby and mother right after delivery for six to eight weeks. This care is important for well-being and fast recovery of both; if neglected, it may lead to complications.

As birth causes many changes in the body of women, it is important to bring the body back to its normal state with the right nutrition and physical exercise. If the mother is healthy, ultimately, the baby will be healthy.

What Services Do Confinement Centers Provide?

The purpose of the confinement center revolves around improving the health of mother and child by providing them with postnatal care. From providing your healthy meals to taking care of your baby, confinement centers provide all the services. The reason why you should select the best confinement center is that they facilitate in the following ways.

Mother Care


  • Massages and other such facilities are provided to relieve pain

Balanced Diet

  • Provides meals that support health and strengthen the mother.
  • Nutritious meals for faster healing
  • Ensure quality of breast milk.
  • To attain vitality and figure just like pre-pregnancy

Physical & Emotional Support

  • Physical and emotional support is ensured to the mother

Baby Care

  • Fulfill all needs of your baby, i.e., diapers, clothes, etc.
  • All medical checkups of the baby are done, i.e., jaundice monitoring, regular screening.
  • Timely immunizations

Educated and Trained Staff

  • Professional staff is there to support you physically and emotionally at all times, i.e., pediatrician, nutritionist, physiotherapist, and mental health specialist to ensure a faster recovery.
  • Confinement lady to look after your baby

Enhance Learning

  • Guide the mother on how to breastfeed.
  • Guidance and support to mother on her new roles/responsibilities.
  • Counseling of partner/family

Is It Worthy of Trusting the Confinement Center?

Postnatal care can’t be neglected as the starting weeks after delivery are critical for both. It is always advisable to seek professional help in these times because things may seem tough to handle on your own. At these confinement centers, each woman is dealt with according to her conditions, i.e., some go through a phase of postnatal depression, so our team of specialist design special treatment procedures for them.

Similarly, the confinement nannies are responsible for taking care of your newborn, so you won’t have to stress about it. They will assist you in feeding and further provide tips on taking care of your little one.

Always do your research before choosing the confinement center; make sure they have professional staff to avoid any hassle or inconvenience in such times.

How Do You Know Which Confinement Center Provides the Best Postnatal Care?

World health organization has provided for skilled health workers who deal with the mother and newborn. Zinnia Fields strictly follows those guidelines to bring the best postnatal care services for the mother and her baby. We provide the best confinement services for mothers, babies, and families; all our confinement ladies undergo professional training.

We take care of our lovely women and their newborn babies with love and do the best possible to ensure both are safe. Your comfort is our priority!

Make us a part of your exciting journey and contact our team now.

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